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‘NFL’ Is The Best American Football App For Windows 10

We here at Windows Clan are big fans of all kinds of sports. As a continuation of our coverage of sports apps, this time we’ll be previewing NFL on Windows which we believe is the the best American football app for Windows 10. More details after the bump.

American Football

American Football is considered to be one of the most toughest sports in the world. The sport is called ‘American’ football primarily due to the reason that it is played mostly in the United States Of America and it has similarities with Rugby. It is probably the most followed sport in USA along with baseball with its stadiums having the largest capacities of any stadia in the world.

NFL on Windows App Overview

NFL on Windows is one of the Windows Store’s best and most downloaded applications. The app has received excellent ratings and reviews because of its superb user interface and some nifty features. The app’s UI is exactly what you’d expect from a typical Windows Store app. A beautiful design with a great blend of color simply results in an eye catching display as shown in the image below.

UI of NFL on Windows

The UI includes a vertical bar on the left which contains buttons to view videos, statistics, NFL calendar, NFL archives etc. It’s different to some of the best soccer football apps we’ve covered here on Windows Clan and you can scroll down to view some other facts about American football while the main options to choose a team, view top prospects and a video player take a breather above.

American football is an extremely important part of the lives of many Americans. Its climax is the Super Bowl when a team gets crowned NFL winners of the USA. The Super Bowl is one of the most attended and viewed events in the region and is known for its sold out stadiums and deafening fans that are lucky enough to get a seat among the millions of Americans that apply for tickets. This led to us badly wanting to preview the best Windows 10 has to offer when it comes to NFL and that is NFL on Windows.

NFL on Windows Features

Moving on, we’ve dissected its UI and now its time to do a postmortem of its features:

  1. The first and foremost feature of NFL on Windows is that you can select your favorite team by clicking on the Choose your favorite team option in the home window of the app. Through this, you’ll get regular notifications about whichever direction your team will be heading in including all the live scores, latest news etc.
  2. A simple and easy to use interface that shows everything in plain sight allowing you to simply select and do whatever you want.
  3. The app contains a load of content which includes videos, reviews, facts and figures, statistics, archives etc. You can access archives by clicking on the second last button of the left vertical bar while videos can be accessed by selecting the second or the Highlights button. The app also covers news ensuring that you remain up to date with all the latest happenings in the world of American Football.
  4. One of the most interesting and intuitive features of this app are the Next Generation Replays. Next Generation Replays are an excellent feature that creates a playing field showing the movement of all the players while playing the actual clip of the match at the right of the field. The playing field depicts the actual field where the game is played while the pinned items on it show all the players as is shown in the image below.

Next Generation Replays in NFL on Windows

6. Support for Notifications to keep you updated as soon as your favorite team is about to join the action. It is simply enabled when you select your favorite team.

The ending of the 6th feature also signals an end to the review of our best American football app or NFL on Windows. It is sure to be a resolute companion to any American Football lover out there and its positive reviews, ratings and a handful of downloads from the Windows Store surely makes it an app that can be trusted. Like the three best cricket news apps, NFL on Windows is a must have and ranks high on our list of strong recommendations. Be sure to try it out from the link below.

Download NFL On Windows For Windows 10 [Windows Store]