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No Startup Sound In Windows 10? Here’s How To Turn It On

If you are facing no startup sound in Windows 10, here is a simple way to rectify the error and get the sound going again. 

Startup sounds have always been a key element in the Windows OS lineup, who can ever forget the catchy yet ear bursting tune of booting up your Windows XP system?

Windows 10 is an aesthetically pleasing beauty to look at, but whether you are aware of it or not the OS does have a startup sound which actually sounds very pleasing. There are many people who admit to be unaware of the sound or even take notice, but if you want to add a bit of spice to your Windows 10 usage, then you should use this guide to make your Windows 10 stand out.

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While Windows 7 and 8 have had some small yet quiet startup tunes, most people had a misconception that Windows 10 had removed the startup sound since most installations don’t actually play the tune.

If you are curious on what Microsoft has made for the startup sound of Windows 10, you can enable it and find out by following these two simple steps!


All you have to do is press Windows + S Key and type in Sounds. Now, we are going to deviate from our usual route and instead of clicking the top result, click on “Change system sounds

How to enable sound settings.


You will be shown the following screen, simply check / tick “Play Windows Startup sound“. Click on Apply and OK. This will solve your issue of no startup sound in Windows 10!

How to fix no startup sound in Windows 10.

And with that we have now given the ability of Windows 10 to tell users about the OS starting up. While most people may not have noticed the absence of the startup sound, there are those people who actually enjoy the sounds of hearing Windows starting up or shutting down to begin or end their work day.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you in any manner. We always love hearing from our readers, so feel free to leave a comment below!

  • Shalnarq

    Did not help my win10 problem but thx anyway

  • Shalnarq

    I have the “Play Windows Startup sound“ checked, but i still don’t get to hear the startup sound
    thx anyway