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How to pause updates in Windows 10 Creator’s Update

Windows won’t annoy you for updates if you enable this feature.

One of Windows’ more annoying features is how it forces you to install new updates. The reasoning behind it from Microsoft’s side is clear: they just want to ensure you have the latest security updates which keep you and your date safe from malware. However, the way this mechanism is designed is it usually ends up in you staring at your Windows computer while it installs the latest update. With Murphy’s Law in mind, this tends to happen when you have urgent work to do, too.
Microsoft understands this, so they will relax Windows’ pushy update design with the Creators Update that is expected in Spring 2017.

Windows 10 Insider Update 14997 was leaked online earlier this week. Those who were brave enough to download and install it have discovered a feature in Settings > Advanced options called Pause Updates. Here’s how it looks like:


This feature will allow users to pause updates from being installed for about five weeks time. It’s a great way to ensure Windows 10 doesn’t automatically install them without your permission, which can happen at unfortunate times.

Microsoft’s decision to keep this for 35 days sounds puzzling to us. Why not do it for 30 days – a more common, easy to understand number? We looked around and the only possible explanation – besides it being an arbitrary number – is that it ensures that the monthly cumulative update’s installation is delayed. This way, when the user unpauses updates, they will get the very latest updates including the most recent cumulative update.

Reminder: as of typing, this feature is in the Windows 10 Insider Build 14997 only. It should be available in later builds, and we strongly expect it to be available in the Creator’s Update, too.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Insider Program’s releases as we get closer to the launch of Windows 10’s Creator’s Update. While Microsoft did announce major features publicly, small features like Pause Update shown above are usually sneaked in with Insider builds.

Stay tuned to Windows Clan, folks!