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Photos App Doubles As A Video Trimmer In Windows 10

Blow the horns, bang the drum as Windows Clan is coming to town with the recipe to trim videos to your required length via the in-built video trimmer in Windows 10’s photos app.

Windows 10 is packed with loads of exciting features. Developers have tried to come up with lots of possibilities for users with diverse needs. You can do loads of customizations with even the most insignificant of things in this dynamic OS.

Our job is to bring you these hidden customizations so that you can make the most out of Windows 10. This OS is a goldmine of hidden features which can be implemented through registry tweaks. These features are so called because they are unavailable in Settings or the Control Panel. Some of the features you can implement via registry include getting Windows 7 battery indicatoradding Bluetooth to right click menu etc.

If you do not like messing around with your registry, Windows 10 has loads of other features to keep you busy. One of these is the in-built video trimmer in the photos app. This is one of the best Windows features as it is used extensively by users who are in media etc. and use Windows 10.

The video trimmer is a joy to use. I have to call it a hidden feature as its not been quite long since I discovered it lurking over my videos in photos app. Find below the steps you can follow to trim videos through it.

Step 1: Right click on any video you wish to trim.

Step 2: From the context menu, open with Photos.

Step 3: When opened, hover your cursor towards the top of the app.

Step 4: From the menu that appears, click on the trim option as shown in the image below.

Steps to use video trimmer

Step 5: On the video seek, you will now see three indicators. The two small white circles indicate the length of video to be trimmed while the bigger grey circle indicates where your video has reached.

Step 6: After placing the indicators on your desired location, click on Save As to save the video as shown in the image below.

for saving a trimmed video

Step 7: From the window that appears, browse to where you want to store it and that will be all.

Need not to worry as it will create a copy of the trimmed video and not overwrite the original file.