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Pin Origin, UPlay, & Non-Steam Games To Start Menu In Windows 10

We’ve come across an app that allows you to pin all your games to the Start menu – whether they’re from EA’s Origin, Ubisoft’s UPlay, Blizzard’s, Valve’s Steam or any other vendor!

Being able to pin live tiles of Steam games to the Start menu didn’t tickle your fancy? Find out how another app that costs only the price of a cup of coffee – albeit with a free trial – will let you pin Steam,, Uplay, Origin, documents, folders, and websites as tiles on your Start menu.

Pin More [Windows Store] is definitely one of the nicer Start menu-related apps we have come across on the Windows Store. Costing only $2.99, the app offers a lot of options and versatility when it comes to pinning important items to the Start menu, and customizing them!

Where Steam Tile stops, Pin More is only getting started!

the number of options offered by Pin More

As you can see, there is a lot of pinning options in Pin More.

It’s as simple as choosing the game distribution platform and what shortcut you want placed on your Start menu for faster access to your favorite PC games on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

How to pin games to the start menu.

The options for customizing your app.

Pin More doesn’t just give you a standard option for pinning tiles to your start menu, it actually lets you have control over the text, color and image of your games and their shortcut!

When you are done customizing your tile all you have to do is click on Pin to Taskbar and confirm the action!

My use of Pin More

This is only a sample of what the application is capable of. There are plenty more options to explore which include customizing your Steam or non-Steam game collection, documents, and web pages.

As with Steam Tile, you just need to click the tile of each game to launch the game without needing to run it from your taskbar.

I am already sold on the app and if you are a frequent patron of the Start menu like myself, I am sure you will also appreciate the functionality and price that this amazing app has to offer!

The free trial of Pin More allows you to use its full capabilities but only for four tiles. This just might work for people – like our editor Awais – who focus on a handful of games at a time.

Let us know in the comments section on what you think about Pin More and if you are purchasing it!