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How to play Tic-Tac-Toe and Solitaire in Google

Google is home to plenty of surprises within the search bar, especially for retro games. Recently two golden classics have been added to the library for you to spend idle time on.

Google is known for being the single largest resource of information on the internet but there are some services which Google offers you to help kill your time.

From the infamous “do a barrel roll’ or playing brick breaker in your browser, the search engine is a never ending avenue of entertainment.

It has recently come to our attention that Google has allowed for users to play two classic games in your browser. The first is tic-tac-toe, a childhood classic game which has been played on paper, sidewalks and a number of other places.

A small surprise for those of you on Windows 10, there is a way of playing Solitaire once more without having to succumb to Microsoft’s version with in-app purchases. Yes, you can now play Solitaire using the Google search bar.

Let’s get down to how to play each respective game.

How to play video games with Google

Keep in mind that this will work on any variant of the Google search bar, whether you are on a Mac, PC, Linux, or iOS / Android, the only prerequisite for this is having access to the Google search bar, preferably through the Google app if you are on the iOS / Android.

For smartphone devices, you need to visit the relevant app download area and make use of the official Google app that is available for free to download.

If you are on an Android device that has a search bar at the home screen, you can readily do the steps below without the need of opening up Google search in a web browser.

You can further use OK Google or Now on Tap too to access each game.


If you want to play tic-tac-toe on the browser, you just need to enter the phrase “tictactoe”, “tic-tac-toe”, etc. any of the previous variants of the name will work just fine.

Playing tic tac toe in your browser

You need to enter this into the Google search bar on whatever device you use, so in the instance of Google Chrome, you can enter it in the address bar directly, in the case of Firefox, enter it after opening Google on your web browser, etc.

You can also choose to play against a friend (they have to be next to you) by selecting the option from the difficulty menu.


When we come to the once popular Windows OS staple, Solitaire, you can now enjoy it in your browser.

All you have to do is enter the phrase “solitaire” in the search bar once more and the game will appear for you!

How to play solitaire

All you have to do is click on the “Click to Play” and you’re ready to play!

Keep in mind that your progress for both games isn’t saved, so each time you exit the tab then you have to restart the games from scratch.

If you enjoyed playing these games on your browser, let us know your favorite Google search bar easter eggs or games in the comments section below!