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Quickly Convert Images From Right Click Menu With SendTo-Convert

Conversion of images into different file formats is just a matter of clicks away in Windows 10. To make it a matter of just a ‘click’ away, you can use SendTo-Convert which allows you to convert any selected image to BMP, JPG, compressed JPG, PNG, GIF from the right-click menu.


SendTo-Convert is a third party application that has the power to add an extra option to your right-click or context menu. Context menus are one of Windows intuitive features that allow you to take on many things at once in just a click. They ensure speedy access to certain programs and the more used features of the OS.

We’ve previously covered multiple features which you can access easily by adding them to your context menu such as the settings appOneDrive among numerous others. This guide is just a continuation of making your context menu more colorful than before and this time instead of the registry tweaks we’ve used before, we’ll be using SendTo-Convert. Time for you to get your hands on the app.

SendTo-Convert is a very nifty utility when it comes to everyday work for data analysts, bloggers etc. Since these people have to work a lot with images, having the comfort of an image converter being just a right-click away is fantastic. What you first need to do is download SendTo-Convert from the link provided at the bottom of the guide. When you’re skimming through the setup, be sure to tick the box that says ‘Include in Send-to menu’. Let it complete its installation and voila!

Upon its installation, the app first opens up a customization window. This part of the application contains the back end settings for the way you’d like your images to be treated once they’ve been accessed through the context menu. The window contains the option for you to alter image’s quality, sample or manipulate its aspect ratio, specify a maximum file size and to allow you to select a directory where you’d like the app to save your converted images. SendTo-Convert supports PNG, GIF, JPEG, lossless-compressed JPG, and BMP. We wish it supported compressed PNGs, too!

UI of SendTo-Convert

Before delving into further features, we’d first like to point out an important thing that even though you tick the aforementioned box, not always does the SendTo-Convert option appear in the context menu. If that’s the case with you, tick the box that says ‘Add to Send To menu’ as shown in the image above. When done, you can exit the program and go over to check if the option has made its way into the text menu as is shown in the image below.

SendTo-Convert option in the context menu

Now how to use this application. The working of the SendTo-Converter is extremely basic making it a very easy to use program. What you simply have to do is right-click on the image you want to work with, scroll over to the Send to option and then select SendTo-Convert from the list of options displayed next. When you’ve done so, a new window will pop up looking something like this, showing BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and JPEG lossless. You can also select the Resize option to reduce the size of the image. It’s amazing how this much power is available in a nifty right-click context menu option.

Select new format for your image

This is the part of the program from where you get to select the new format of your targeted image. This small pop up also contains a Settings button from where you can access the customization window in case you feel like making any last minute changes to your image. If all is set, select the new format of your image and the window will disappear making you feel like you’re playing with magic.

By default, SendTo-Convert will save the new image files in the exact same location where the original image is placed. If you’d like a separate folder for that, you can go to Settings and browse your way to another location. To check that if the app is actually working, go over to that folder to locate your new image.

The app actually works!

The image above is a proof that SendTo-Convert works and you can safely trust Windows Clan on this.

With this, we come to the end of our preview of this wonderful application. It won’t even take an MB of space on your computer but will successfully provide you with an extremely easy way to convert any image you’d like in the blink of an eye through your context menu. It is one of our highly recommended apps if you’re someone who actually needs something like this. Be sure to try it out from the link below.

Download SendTo-Convert For Windows 10 [Softpedia]