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Turn Read Receipts On/Off For Specific Contacts In iMessage

Read receipts in iMessages in iOS 10 can now be turned off or on for specific people in your contacts list. Learn how you can do so after the jump.

woman texting on iphone

I was initially against the idea of “Seen”, “Read”, “Opened” in apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail, but now I rely on it quite a bit. I believe it’s an effective way to remove part of the confusion and anxiety that comes from online communication. As someone who sends messages, I feel at ease knowing when the other person has seen my message. Similarly, as the receiver, I similarly feel I have to reply to the message after I’ve seen it. Or, I can forego replying while letting the other person know I’ve seen their message.

But, I do feel it would be nice to have the ability to turn read receipts on and off on a per contact basis. I would keep read receipts on for everyone except for persistently annoying people who don’t respect your digital boundaries.

Selective Read Receipts in iMessages

Thankfully, Apple has delivered. With iMessages in iOS 10, you can toggle read receipts on or off for specific people. Here’s how:

Open the Messages app. Scroll around to find the specific person you want to change the read receipt setting for. Tap on them to open your conversation with them. Now tap on the “Details” button in the top right corner. Below the “Do Not Disturb” toggle, you will see the option to turn off/on Read Receipts for that person. Toggle the switch to change the setting!

Details tab in Messages for turning read receipts on or off

And that’s it! When you turn them on for the first time, read receipts are on by default for every person. This allows you to turn it off for specific contacts, depending on your online relationship with them.

I welcome this feature in iOS 10, and hope WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger get inspired by it.