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Readit: Get Daily New Desktop & Lockscreen Wallpapers From Reddit

If you are like me and frequently fancy a wallpaper change frequently for your desktop and your lockscreen, find out how Readit can help you make that possible!

I am among the minority of desktop users who likes seeing a new wallpaper every day when unlocking their desktop or leaving the lockscreen displayed on the laptop, if that task becomes too tedious, find out how an app can do it for you!

We have explored the topic of customizing our scenery in Windows 10, right down to the login screen background, but today we will look at how to change your desktop wallpaper AND your lockscreen wallpaper after a set period!

With the help of Readit, an alternative Reddit app available for free on the Windows Store, you can now delegate the task of changing your daily wallpapers to this app, taking images from popular visual subreddits such as r/earthporn and r/spaceporn (don’t let the name fool you). It applies to both the desktop background, as well as your lockscreen wallpaper.

For the initiated: reddit is a hugely popular community site. It has thousands of subreddits – sub-communities centered around certain topics – where millions share and discuss their favorite topics. There are many communities on reddit where beautiful images are shared, making them suitable for using as wallpapers. Readit automates the process of using Reddit as a source of wallpapers.

How To Automatically Get New Wallpapers From Reddit

You must first start by downloading Readit for your desktop from the link at the bottom of this post. Once you have it installed, go to the settings page. You can do this by pressing the hamburger menu at the bottom left of the app.

How to access the settings.

When you open the settings page, you will see the option of Lockscreen & Wallpaper.

Accessing the wallpaper options

When you have opened it, you will see the following menu. From here, it is down to your own preferences of options. You can choose your own preference for which images to use for which setting.

I’ve selected it to update my lockscreen and desktop wallpaper automatically every hour. You can change the schedule, source and where to apply the images to.

Customizing readit wallpaper settings.

By default there are a lot of options for subreddits to use as wallpapers using popular images on them.

If you wish to add a custom subreddit that isn’t in the dropdown box, you will have to login to the app and if you are subscribed to that sub, will automatically get added to the list.

Getting images from a subreddit not in the list.

As you can see, this is how I managed to add /r/spaceporn as a source of wallpapers even though it isn’t an option by default in the app, while r/earthporn is.

If you are one who fancies a new scenery very frequently, it is safe to say that you will love this feature of Readit!

Let us know in the comments section what kind of a wallpaper user you are!

Download Readit for Windows 10 [Windows Store]