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You Can Now Rearrange & Remove Quick Actions In Windows 10 Action Center

The Quick Actions in Windows 10 Action Center are a mixed plate for many people. It is home to some great shortcuts that you might frequently use and other times might have never used at all. Find out how you can remove these quick actions, or rearrange them as you prefer.

Windows 10 Action Center notifications

The Quick Actions button in Windows 10 has been a staple of the Windows OS since 8 / 8.1. While they continue to be a part of the Windows environment in Windows 10 as well, the latest Insider Preview Build allows users to remove and move around some of the objects in this section to fit our convenience.

If you wish to experiment with this feature, follow the steps below but keep in mind that the below will only work if you are on Windows Insider Preview Build 14328 or above.

NOTE: This will also work for users who are on 10586.318 or close to it, but you won’t have the option to remove quick actions or move them around by drag / drop.

To start, press Windows Key + I and Navigate to System.

Open system settings.

When you are in the new menu, click on Notification & Actions, on the immediate top of the screen you will see a preview of your quick action panel. Simply click on each icon and adjust it as you see fit.

Adjust quick actions.

If you wish to turn off or disable the appearance of the quick action buttons, you need only to look below the grid for a link which will allow you to toggle between the appearance of the current quick action buttons.

While this feature currently exists in 10586.318 too, the Insider users have the liberty to remove quick actions too if they wish to do so and also the capability of freely changing places by a simple drag and drop function the way you would do files in Explorer.

While this is only useful to the quick actions in the Action Center and will not let you have further control over the remaining items in the action center, you can at least use the handy “collapse” / “expand” feature to make sure only your quick actions show.


While this really isn’t that much of a game-changer of an update, you can see that it is still useful to those who frequently make use of the quick action buttons in the action center of the OS.

It would be really helpful if we could also remove certain buttons in the quick action too, especially for when we expand the view. I am sure that there are many buttons which users won’t make use for the majority of their usage of Windows 10 and as such can minimize the clutter on their quick action center.

The above method is definitely useful for getting the most experience when customizing the Action Center, but hopefully, Microsoft will allow us better control of the Action Center when the anniversary update fully rolls out later this year.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the Action Center? I know that as a frequent user of the feature there is a lot I would like to change especially when it comes to the quick action buttons and their number.