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Record Calls In Skype With TalkHelper

Skype is one of those applications that are considered a blessing on humankind. Here’s how you can get even more out of it by using TalkHelper, an app that lets you record Skype calls for free.


Skype and Nokia should’ve had the same motto. They’ve really connected people all over the world. Probably the first of its kind, Skype is one the world’s best and well known applications for standard calling, video calling, and group video calling / conferencing. Like YouTube, it is synonymous to people all over the world. Because of its widespread fame, we couldn’t help but resist telling you about TalkHelper.

Recording those Skype calls…

TalkHelper is a third party app which was designed in keeping in view the tremendous need for many corporate users around the world needing a slick software that had the capability to record high quality Skype calls for free. If you’re one of those, say hello to TalkHelper.

TalkHelper has a very simple and easy to use user interface as is shown in the image below. It doesn’t take up much space on your screen and it can be carried around to a place where it won’t distort your Skype sessions while doing its own job splendidly. The program is slender coming in at 6.8 megabytes and once installed, it is sure to give you a performance you’ll never forget.

TalkHelper's UI

TalkHelper’s main UI showing Skype call recordings

TalkHelper runs synchronously with your Skype for call recording. The moment a call comes in, all you have to do is make sure that TalkHelper is enabled and it will automatically start saving a copy of the call by itself. Once you’re done with your call, it will save the recording with its details under the Call Recordings section. You can access all your recorded voice and video calls through TalkHelper or from any other media player as they will be saved locally on your disk.

Its performance has been reviewed by many users that have used this app. According to our brief survey of these, it turned out to be really positive. Users like how the quality of the recorded calls. Furthermore, regular updates to TalkHelper ensures that it remains compatible with Skype’s latest versions and also keeps on evolving all the time.

This app is one of the reliable ones and will do a great job in facilitating whoever chooses to become friends with it. Unfortunately it doesn’t comes in a free version but you can get a good taste out of it through its trial version which is useful when you want record a one-off call. If you’re interested, the download link is below.

Download TalkHelper For Windows 10 [TalkHelper]