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Reddit’s official app now supports the iPad

… and it is okay.

One of the biggest annoyances with the new official reddit app was that it did not support the iPad. For people who have both kinds of iOS devices, it made for an inconsistent experience.

A few days ago, the app was finally updated to work better with the iPad. It’s the first step in tablet support, so keep your expectations low. There are no iPad-exclusive features here that make use of the bigger screen, or the higher horsepower. You just get a blown-up interface with larger photos/videos.

Here’s how it looks:

reddit-for-ipad-home reddit-for-ipad-single-post reddit-for-ipad-subreddit

It is just okay for a v1.0, but there’s a lot of wasted potential here. There’s enough space on the sides – especially in landscape mode – to put useful menu options. This is exacerbated on the biggest iPad – the 12.9″ iPad Pro – where it just looks funny.

There’s also a maddening usability issue: you can only scroll by scrolling over the feed. Yes, attempting to scroll on the blank spaces on the side doesn’t do anything. It’s maddening.

Here’s hoping they iterate on this quickly to bring it up to the level of Alien Blue as it once was on the iPad.

Download reddit official app for iPad [iTunes App Store]

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A little backstory…

Reddit’s official mobile apps have essentially always sucked real bad. Users flocked to third party apps like Alien Blue and narhwal for iOS and reddit is fun on Android, which remain popular to this day.

Some time ago, Reddit acquired Alien Blue, temporarily making it the official reddit app before taking it down from the App Store, and pushing the redesigned app. The new app is off to a decent start, but it misses many of the big features that made Alien Blue popular. The new app is headed by the developer of Alien Blue, so users are still hopeful.

The transition has annoyed many, though. I am one of them. After reddit acquired Alien Blue, its development slowed down to a crawl. Updates were far and few between, so users began looking for other reddit apps. I myself now use narhwal, and am keeping on eye on Apollo, an upcoming client that reminds me of Alien Blue’s glory days.