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You Can Now Redirect Cortana Searches To Google In Chrome

Google Chrome now natively supports the ability to redirect Cortana or Windows 10 desktop searches to your preferred search engine, when Chrome is set as your default browser. Learn how to turn on this feature after the jump.


Yesterday, Google released version 50 of Google Chrome to the stable channel. Among numerous improvements, it includes one seriously useful feature for Windows 10 users: the ability to use your default search engine in Chrome for all your Cortana or desktop queries. For most people, this means just using Google for searching the web from Cortana or the desktop.

This is now a built-in Chrome feature, meaning you don’t need to install our previously recommended Chrometana extension anymore.

After you ensure Google Chrome is selected as your default web browser – from Settings > Default Browser – follow the steps below to enable this feature on your Windows 10 PC.

Redirect Windows desktop searches to Chrome search engine

This is the new flag available in Chrome 50

To redirect Cortana searches to default Chrome search engine, launch Google Chrome, and type in chrome://flags into the address bar. This will bring up a long list of experimental features you can try out. Scroll down, and you’ll find Windows desktop search redirection. Open the drop-down menu and select Enabled to use your search engine in Chrome for all desktop searches.

Keep in mind that this is an experimental feature, so it may or may not work all the time. In fact, we’ve seen reports of Google Chrome crashing on enabling Windows desktop search redirection. Do let us know in the comments section how you experience is like.

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Google has taken its sweet time implementing this feature. Windows 10 has been out in the market for almost a year now. In that time, a number of Chrome extensions have popped out to allow users to search Google using Cortana. Even Mozilla Firefox had this feature right around the time Windows 10 launched.

Is Google getting lazy with Chrome? Does Google not like Microsoft? Am I making stuff up? We won’t know. We’re just glad this feature is here, and it is finally native to the Internet’s favorite web browser.

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