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Redstone Insider Preview Build 14291: What’s New, Fixed & Known Issues

Microsoft released another Redstone build as an Insider Preview. Build 14291 brings loads of new features to Microsoft Edge, and updated Maps, Alarms & Clock apps, among other little new features. We’ll discuss them in detail after the featured image.

Windows 10 Insider

We’re getting closer and closer to the big Redstone update that is scheduled for sometime in June, folks, and it is getting me excited. Microsoft is introducing multiple new features with each new Insider build, and 14291 is no different!

What’s New In Insider Build 14291

  • Microsoft Edge Extensions: you can finally enhance the Edge browser with add-ons and plugins. Although the list is limited right now, and the installation method involves manual sideloading, we are still incredibly excited about them. We’ve discussed both the current list, as well as how to install extensions in Edge in a separate post.

Download preview extensions in Microsoft Edge

  • The ability to pin tabs in Edge: another little missing feature brings Edge up to speed with the rest of the browser competition. This is great for keeping important tabs and web-apps close. It’s easy pinning tabs in Edge, but we’ve discussed how to pin tabs in a separate post for your convenience anyway.

Pinned tabs in Microsoft Edge

  • Paste and go / search in Edge: now, whenever you have a link copied to your clipboard, you can right-click on the Edge address bar to use the “Paste and go” option. This is better than first pasting, and then pressing the Enter button. Saves a click / tap. Similarly, if you have text copied to your clipboard, you will see the “Paste and search” option for executing a search engine query with the copied text.
  • Updated Maps app: one tap access to search, view multiple searches at the same time, Cortana turn-by-turn directions, offline favorite locations, and many other little new features make it a much more usable app on both Windows 10 desktop and mobile. You can read the full list of changes in the original blog post from the Windows Team from the link at the bottom.

Windows 10 Updated Maps App

  • Updated Alarms & Clock App: the time selector now uses an iOS-style picker, and a generally improved design.
  • New Feedback Hub: Microsoft has combined the Insider Hub and Feedback apps into Feedback Hub. It’s a single place for upvoting, discussing and submitting feedback, as well as for keeping up with the latest updates.

Fixed Bugs In 14291

  • The USB icon would look like the one from older Windows when ejecting USB drives. This is now fixed.
  • A bug in Microsoft Edge would take you to the URL of the search, instead of to the suggested search itself. It’s no longer a problem.
  • Connecting to older WiFi networks using WEP encryption is more reliable.
  • The system tray no longer goes out of alignment when you select the “always show all icons in the notification area” option.

Known Issues In 14921

  • Remember that bug in Insider Build 14279 which caused Surface devices – Pro 3, 4, and Book – to freeze randomly? This is still a known issue.
  • Connecting an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller may cause your Windows 10 PC to freeze.
  • Kaspersky’s suite of security software continues to be incompatible with the latest Insider builds. Until then, we suggest using the built-in Windows Defender and avoiding separate antivirus programs.

That’s about it. Build 14291 is one of the biggest in my recent experience following Windows updates. What do you think of it?

(via Windows Blog)