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Reduce Eye Strain With Night Mode Theme For Windows 10

If the current Windows 10 is too bright for your eyes, see if the night mode theme is up your alley for better night time usage.

Windows OSes have always been known to be natural sources of light in the darkest of environments, but a new third party application can potentially allow users to take advantage of a Night Mode Theme which will make it easier for you to use Windows 10 in dark settings without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Before proceeding, please keep in mind that this IS NOT an official Windows process. All of this is done by a third party application so don’t hold Microsoft or Windows liable for any mistakes incurred.

The theme does include a versatility of colors to it, giving you more colors to play around with. Users will be able to explore Blue, red, green, orange and many other color options. Included in the package is a theme for Chrome too which is set for black color.

There are several color combinations available (blue shown), including red, orange, green, etc. I have also included a Chrome theme I made (simple, minimal black), as well as registry files for changing the system apps to the night mode theme.

Let’s get started, shall we?

To begin, download the RAR file (Alt Mirror) that has all the equipment you will need.

Once you have the RAR file in hand. extract the Contents of it where you please.

Once all the contents are out of the RAR file, find and run UxStyle_0242_x86_x64_preview.exe and Install it.

Once installed, head back to the same place where your RAR files content was extracted and open the “OldNewExplorer” file. Within it, run “OldNewExplorerCfg” and make sure you have the following options checked. (Click Install on Shell extension)

How to enable the dark mode theme

Once again, navigate back to the directory where your RAR contents lie and run the “Make Windows 10 Use Dark Theme” registry file by double clicking it and confirming it.

And now are on the last step of this guide. You have to go in the “Themes” folder in the place where your RAR contents lie, Press CTRL + A to highlight all the files, and then CTRL + C to copy them.

Once you have copied (CTRL + V) the files, paste them in the directory shown below.

The final step to dark mode theme in Windows 10

Now, you have to go to Cortana / Search box and type in Personalization. In it, look at “Themes” for a pleasant surprise and apply the one that you like best.

We would like to thank DJApoc on reddit for compiling these files in one place.

If you are curious on what the theme looks like, here is a screenshot.

The dark mode theme in action. (aka night mode theme)

If you have tried out the night mode theme, do post a screenshot of which color you went with!

  • Agnaye Ochani

    Thanks for the tutorial, Rizwan. The instructions to install the themes worked, but when I tried to choose one of the new themes, it bricked my HP Envy 15-K006tx laptop running Windows 10. Restarting didn’t help because I couldn’t revert to the older the theme via Personalize, or access my Start or open folders. Getting into safe mode once and then restarting normally helped. Now I’m back to the regular theme but my eyes hurt. 🙂
    Any idea how I could get this to work without bricking my PC again?

  • It didn’t work for me, either. When I try to paste the Theme files into the Themes folder, Explorer shuts down without doing it and when I go to Themes in Settings, it also crashes Settings.