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Here’s how to reduce text size in iOS 10

iOS 10’s interface uses big, bold text in a lot of places. We show you how to reduce the text size on iPhone, and iPad so you can read more text without it being truncated.

iPhone 5S big text size on lock screen ios 10

Apple’s decision to go for big, bold text in apps like Music, Podcasts and News is great for people like me who have relatively weak vision, and prefer easier to read text. However, I am seeing a lot of people complain about the big text sizes in iOS 10. If you are one such person, I believe I have a solution for you. It doesn’t work as well as you think it would, but it does somewhat mitigate the issue.

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Reduce ‘Larger Text’ option in Accessibility

One way to reduce the font size in iOS 10 is to open the Settings app and go to General > Accessibility > Larger Text. From here, you will see a slider that you can pull to the left to reduce text size.


Adjust ‘Text Size’ in Display & Brightness

This setting has the same effect as the above. It is simply another way to reduce the size of text in iOS 10. Again, you need to launch the Settings app, and go to Display & Brightness > Text Size. Drag the slider for adjusting text size left or right to meet your preference.


What do these settings change?

We know for sure that changing these text size options change the font size in the Music and Podcasts app. It should also affect the News app. However, it does not change the size of the text on the ‘Now Playing’ screen. So, if you’re playing a song and you check your lock screen, it will still look really cramped because of the big text.

This problem is aggravated on the smaller screens of the iPhone 5S and 5. Owners of these phones will be happy with any change, no matter how small.

Hopefully, Apple will notice the complaints of these users and at least give them an option to change settings to bring back some iOS 9 features.