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How To Remove Continue Watching Popup From Netflix

No matter the manner you are watching Netflix, you will eventually see an annoying pop-up box asking you to get you out of bed. I’m talking, of course, about the ‘Continue Watching?’ pop-up here. Find out how to remove continue watching from your Chrome experience.

Don’t you just hate it when you are on an amazing binge watching session but Netflix asks the silliest question of all time?

“Are you sure you’re still watching “Show name here”?

When this error comes up and your remote or other device is out of your reach, you have to get out of your comfy bed and click on ‘Continue Watching’ as if we are back in the 90’s.

How to remove continue watching with a simple extension.

This is where the Google Chrome Extension, “Netflix Pause Removal” [Chrome Webstore] is your knight in shining armor. It is designed to remove continue watching  from your Netflix experience forever.

No longer will you have to worry about Netflix being a nagging parent and interrupting your binge sessions, this extension will shoulder the burden and make sure you are never again bothered by that message.

Keep in mind that the extension is only available for Chrome at the moment, which of course might slightly impede your enjoyment of Netflix being limited to 720p display and matching sound quality, but if you are going to spend the weekend binge watching a great show like Breaking Bad or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then this extension should definitely be on your browser.

While binge watching is fun and all, there are of course precautions which one should exercise, such as ensuring you get proper rest, food, bathroom breaks, etc. which is probably why Netflix has such a measure in the first place.

Keeping the above in mind, it is highly advised to practice moderation, no matter how good the show might be. No matter how tempting it might be to remove continue watching, it is still there for a reason.

Considering the gap at which Netflix even prompts you for “Are you still watching” is easily the span of a few hours or so, this is still a handy extension and if you still aren’t content on switching to Google Chrome for your binge sessions, there are plenty of alternatives to continue your binge watching which we can cover in a future guide.

If you are among the guilt pleasure seekers and want to use this extension, let us know the TV show or movie you plan on binge watching to make use of this extension!