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Remove Recent Files From Windows 10 Quick Access

If you don’t like Windows 10 keeping a log of each and every file you’re accessing, simply remove recent files from Quick Access.

Let us take a moment and remember the time when the first generation iPhone was released. It lacked a lot of the things that other Android devices at that time were offering such as Bluetooth and easily connecting with any computer you wish without the need of an intermediate interface to manage your device a.k.a iTunes but still it turned out to be a huge success. Why? Because it revolutionized the way smart phones were meant to be.

Although Apple captured the market in a blitz, many people still have a lot of reservations about its iOS and iPhone devices particularly as they’re deemed not that user friendly due to some of the aforementioned limitations Apple has imposed on them. The iOS builds particularly before iOS 6 were disappointments when we compare them to what Android had to offer at that time and that is why many people still prefer to use Android because of its accessibility and user friendliness. Windows 8/8.1, arguably was a bit of both iOS and Android. Windows 10? Much better.

I say this because Windows 10 has brought users even more closer to our OSes, due to the revelation of features, which were previously available in OS X and Linux, such as Virtual Desktops etc. One of the newest characteristics of Windows 10 is Quick Access.

Quick Access is a feature that has basically been introduced to make sure that everything, we like to use frequently, is on our finger tips. With Quick Access they’re really just a click away but it can be annoying if you’ve accessed something you don’t want others to look at as shown in the image below. So, to block that from happening again, remove recent files through the following steps.

remove recent files from Quick Access

Open ‘File Explorer Options’ by searching it through Windows Search. Then in the ‘General’ tab un-check the ‘Show recently used files in Quick Access’ under the ‘Privacy’ caption and recently accessed files will no longer appear in Quick Access as shown in the image below.

Demonstration after new settings have been applied

Our work here is done!