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Reopen Multiple Recently Closed Tabs In Safari For macOS

The latest version of Safari in macOS lets you reopen as many recently closed tabs as you like. Learn how to use this feature after the jump.

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I’m a regular user of Safari on both iOS and macOS. I love the browser. It’s fast, stable, and comes with decent extensions support.

Yet it comes with one annoying limitation: you can’t reopen more than one recently closed tab. Pressing Cmd+Z only opens one tab. That’s it. In case you want more, you’ll need to go into your History and look for the tab manually.

Other browsers like Chrome and Firefox place no limits on how many recently closed tabs you can reopen. It’s a nice feature.

Now, you can finally do the same in Safari without installing any third-party plugins like RecoverTabs. Safari for macOS Sierra let’s you quickly restore multiple closed tabs by using the Cmd+Z keyboard shortcut. You can also do so with the Cmd+Shift+T shortcut popular on other browsers.

I personally am now used to the Cmd+Z shortcut so I’ll be sticking to that. I do understand why people would prefer Cmd+Shift+T because it goes well with the new tab shortcut i.e. Cmd+T.

Another interesting new feature is the ability to hold-click on the ‘+’ button in the tabs to see a list of recently closed tabs. This works exactly like it does on iOS.

As of typing, you can only avail this feature in macOS Sierra. It is available as a public beta. Right now, it is on version 1. Apple usually releases 4-5 betas before the final, stable public release.

macOS Sierra is expected to be available sometime this fall. We expect it in late September just after the iPhone 7 launch.

Until then, you will need to use an extension like RecoverTabs which only partially solves the problem, or go back to Firefox or Chrome if that’s what you can do. I love how Safari syncs across platforms, so I’ll be sticking to it. Chrome and Firefox might recover multiple recently closed tabs like a champ, but come with their own set of problems.