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Quickly Replace Words With Emojis In Messages For iOS

iOS 10 comes with a feature called Tap to Replace which lets you replace words with their equivalent emojis with a single tap. We show you how to use this feature after the jump.

Tap to Replace in iOS 10

Emojis are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, especially among younger users. Yet adding emojis in or after messages remains an unreasonably annoying task. There are hundreds of emojis, and I’m yet to find an interface that makes it super quick to add them.

In iOS, for example, you have to open a separate emoji keyboard, scroll through an endless list of terribly categorized emoji to find the appropriate one. It tends to become worse when you’re using a third-party keyboard.

Now, in iOS 10, you can instantly replace actual words in your messages with a new feature called Tap to Replace.

Tap to Replace Emoji in iOS ⚡️

Introduced by Craig Federighi at WWDC 2016, Tap to Replace is a part of a huge number of additions to the Messages app in iOS 10.

Here’s how it works: after you’ve written your message in the Messages app, switching over to the emoji keyboard highlights all the words in said message that can be replaced with emoji. The words are highlighted a nice yellow-gold. You simply tap on them one-by-one to replace the word with an emoji.

You can see Tap to Replace in action below:

Tap to Replace, along with other iOS 10 features like clear all notifications with 3D touch, and removal of system apps, will be available in Fall 2016 alongside iPhone 7. You can get this feature now in iOS 10 Developer Preview, but I wouldn’t recommend installing iOS 10 on your main phone yet.

I personally am not a fan of this. I use emojis at the end of each message to liven it up, instead of replacing actual words with emojis. I’m waiting for the day when iOS will give suggestions for emojis to add at the end of each message. It does sort of do this with the new Predictions feature, but it’s not exactly what I want.

Until then, I’m sure younger folks or “millennials ” will gobble this feature up. I believe it will be delightful to use in practice – though I hope for everyone’s sake it’s done with restraint.

Imagine a future where we type in emojis instead of the English language. ?

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    You guys are “Windows Clan”, not “Apple Clan”

    • We’re experimenting, Nguyen.

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  • Torcer

    Many suggestions are needed for the writing techniques. Some time we did not like any word. The meaning concept is ok for the world so we replace it with other one. The system is known for such action is good; This might be done by IOS.