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How to reset Firefox to default settings in one-click

Bringing default settings back.

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When I started tinkering with computers in the mid-2000s, Mozilla Firefox was the hottest browser in town. All the cool people used it because it had features like tabbed browsing, extensions, a built-in download manager, and better support for web standards than Internet Explorer.

Since then, Firefox has evolved to become a rock-solid web browser that has been overshadowed by Google Chrome. Chrome was initially incredibly fast, and was heavily marketed by Google. Despite getting terribly bloated over time, Chrome remains the most popular browser in the world and adoption for it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. It is one of Google’s most successful products in history.

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Resetting Mozilla Firefox to default state


Anyway, there are still quite a few Firefox loyalists out there, and we here at Windows Clan do cater to them. I know quite a few friends of mine prefer it over Chrome because of Chrome taking too much.

Since Windows is quite unreliable, one does need to reset it or reset programs within it from time to time to get them to work properly. Other times, you may just want to reset a program just to start with a clean slate after tinkering with it too much.

If you want to reset Mozilla Firefox, you simply need to delete two folders for the current account in your Windows installation:

C:\Users\[your Windows profile name here]\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox

C:\Users\[your Windows profile name here]\AppData\Mozilla

Finding these folders is a bit of a chore. Windows hides them by default, so you will need to unhide them first from Windows Explorer settings.

If that sounds annoying, you can download the following BAT batch executable file courtesy TenForums. Quit any Firefox windows if they are open, and then just run the downloaded file. Windows will ask you to confirm if you want to run a BAT file downloaded from the Internet. If you trust us and the venerable TenForums, you’ll do just that.

Now start Firefox again and it will start completely anew – just like it did when you installed it for the first time!