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Search text in image files in Windows 10 with OneDrive

We’ve recently discovered a nifty feature in OneDrive which allows you to search for text within images and photo files on Windows 10. Find out how to use this feature after the bump.

Notebook on a map with magnifiying glass on the side, and a camera

While this isn’t something that will make headlines, it can certainly be useful for finding important information in a better manner.

Do you take screenshots or store a digital visual record of your online identities, such as taking a screenshot of your secret answer and storing it on the cloud for future reference? 

You might have a messy record of all your digital identities scattered all over the place. If this is the case, you now have the option of searching for text within an image in order to bring the image up with rapidity. You just need to have that file saved in OneDrive for Windows 10.

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Working example of searching for words in images using OneDrive

While I prefer to write all my identities on other media, I did tinker with the feature by searching for text in my Hearthstone screenshots. I was pessimistic on it working, but lo and behold! Proof of concept!

OneDrive showing the ability to read text in images.

There have been reports that OneDrive can also show you photos based on proper nouns such as cats, dogs, etc.

While I uploaded two sample pictures of a litter of puppies, OneDrive search failed to show me results for it. Having tried various keywords such as dog, dogs, puppy, puppies, etc. I had no success.

It is also worth mentioning that this isn’t a web app-exclusive feature. Text search within images works on any variant of OneDrive. Whether you are on phone, tablet, the UWP, the desktop app, etc. In this way, if you have OneDrive installed on Windows 10, you can quickly find words within photos.

This innovation could have come from Microsoft’s innovations in regard to “reading images” by an AI, which was primarily for leisure purposes such as their how-old and twins or not projects.

While such a feature can have a significant number of uses, it can also help if you want to look through vacation pictures and want to search for something specific such as a group photo outside of your hotel, water park, etc.

With the above feature in mind, what are your thoughts on OneDrive and keeping your photos on the cloud storage now? Excited or scared? Let us know in the comments section below!