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SmartScreen In Edge / IE11 Gets Big Improvements

After recently releasing the KB3124200 cumulative update, Microsoft has gone a step further by introducing significant SmartScreen improvements in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Windows 10 holds the distinction of being the first Windows with two inbuilt browsers namely Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft Edge is the first ever of its kind. Before this, Microsoft only used to include the Internet Explorer series in all of their Windows.

We’ve extensively covered Microsoft Edge in our previous posts. From its beautiful theme to exclusive features such as the Edge Sync and WebNotes, it has perfectly alleviated itself as an all purpose browser capable of going head to head with the likes of Google Chrome etc.

Edge WebNotes

Internet Explorer 11 on the other hand is a somewhat different story. It is the latest in the long list of Internet Explorer browsers but it doesn’t really offer anything new. Microsoft states that the Internet Explorer 11 is an upgrade on Internet Explorer 10 in terms of it’s performance, functionality etc. but while skimming through its settings, I couldn’t find anything that would make me say “Wow, nice! This is something I haven’t seen before”.

The Microsoft SmartScreen is a feature that is common to both browsers. It is an anti phishing and anti malware tool that protects users against attacks from malicious software. These kinds of software can be unknowingly downloaded from the Internet which can be harmful for your computer. To make your computer a wee bit more resistant to these software, Microsoft has announced significant SmartScreen improvements for Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

After this latest update to SmartScreen, it is now a much more stronger protection against drive-by attacks. This is implemented by the help of a small cached file that the SmartScreen creates and updates time to time to ensure maximum protection. A check has also been implemented which only calls the SmartScreen into action when the content you’re trying to access is deemed too malicious. Furthermore, if the website contains a mass presence of harmful software, the SmartScreen will not allow that website to open.

SmartScreen improvements

These new SmartScreen improvements are second to none. Not only has this update made the SmartScreen much more powerful, it also ensures users are now much safer than before.