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Stream Free Movies & TV Shows Using Kodi With Genesis Add-On

Kodi – formerly known as XMBC – is a famous solution to centralize your media. Find out how to watch TV shows, movies and more when you use Kodi with Genesis.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or support piracy or streaming content illegally. We wrote this blogpost for educational purposes only. Windows Clan does not recommend this app. Go ahead at your own risk!

Genesis in action.

While Windows 10 doesn’t have much to offer at the moment when it comes to free multimedia streaming but has big plans in the future, See how Kodi can help you better your entertainment needs on Windows 10.

Kodi is a fantastic media server software that is sure to help TV Show / movie enthusiasts better manage their content and watching capability, while Kodi helps users in arranging content currently on your computer, you can use Kodi for further benefit by enabling the option to stream movies, TV Shows and more with a simple add-on.

STEP 1: 

To begin, download Kodi for free from here [Kodi website] Once you have downloaded and installed it, move on to the next step. You will also need to download “” (Google is your friend)

STEP 2: 

Run Kodi and navigate to the System settings on the Bar.

Opening System settings.

and navigate to Add-Ons.

Getting Kodi with Genesis to work

STEP 3: 

Once in Add-ons, Navigate to Install from zip file and navigate to where you saved your “” file.

Installing Genesis

Finishing the install of Genesis.

STEP 4: 

Once you have completed the above, navigate to “install from repository” on the previous menu.

Finishing the install of genesis.

Navigate down to “lambda Add-on repository” and just click on it to install.

Some final touches to install Genesis.

You will be taken to a new screen, find Genesis and proceed to install it as shown in the screenshots below:

Genesis is almost up and running.

And now Genesis is installed!

Now go back to the main menu by pressing the home button on the bottom right of the screen and navigate to Videos, Followed by Add-ons. From there, just select Genesis and you have it up and running!

Running Genesis.

You are now running the Genesis Add-on within Kodi and have opened the gateway to new levels of streaming content for free which you can view on any other device which is on the same network as Kodi!

Albeit the UI of Kodi with Genesis leaves much to be desired, it is still a great solution for those people who otherwise abhor downloading a plethora of TV shows or movies. 

If you are an active user of Kodi, let us know your thoughts in the comments and if this guide was helpful to you!