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Stream Playback Unavailable? Try These Free VPNs For Netflix

Netflix has gone global, but that doesn’t mean all content is available for playback. Bypass the  ‘unavailable to stream’ message by checking out what we think are the best free VPNs for Netflix.

Netflix error says stream unavailable for playback in your region.

Yesterday, Netflix created great buzz in the blogosphere by announcing that their streaming service would now be available in almost all parts of the world. From Chile, Pakistan to Belize, Vietnam, Philippines – Netflix streaming is now essentially global.

However, it does come with a caveat. While you can stream the vast majority of movies and TV shows, the reality is that a considerable number of them are just not made available in emerging economies. For example, Better Call Saul doesn’t work outside the US, for example. Even UK / European countries get the unavailable to stream message on this one. One can then imagine how relatively poor the situation is in the rest of the world, where people still resort to illegal free streaming services.

Thankfully, there’s way to stream movies and TV shows that show the unavailable to stream message on Netflix, and it’s quite easy: install a VPN app on your mobile or desktop.

Watching breaking bad with a free vpn for Netflix

With VPN.

Without using any free VPNs for Netflix, you get this error again.

Without VPN.

Best Free VPNs To Watch ‘Unavailable to Stream’ Netflix Movies & TV Shows

Watching Netflix with Betternet, a free VPN.

#1 Betternet [Official website]

Betternet is our no. 1 recommendation because it is the fastest, most well-designed, unlimited free VPN whose servers are based in the US, at least as of typing this blog post. I use their apps on my iPhone, iPad, as well as their extension on Google Chrome. They have a dedicated app for Windows, but Mac users will have to settle for the Chrome extension.

Without Betternet, I received an error saying that Breaking Bad is “not available for playback in your region”. After using its free VPN services, I was able to stream the previously unavailable content without any issues.

Since Betternet is new, its servers aren’t as slow yet. I strongly recommend it for Netflix!

Tunnelbear is also a good free VPN for Netflix

#2 TunnelBear [Official website]

TunnelBear is another crowd favorite because of its fun branding (who doesn’t like that cute bear?), and reliable services. They have apps for Windows & PC, Android, and iOS, so you’re likely covered. The only caveat is that it comes with 500MB of bandwidth (with a free 1GB if you tweet while signing up), so you will have to be more careful with how you use it.

Hola is controversial, but it's another somewhat decent free VPN for Netflix

#3 Hola VPN [Official website] 

Hola is our third and final recommendation for free VPN for Netflix. We’ve placed it last because they sell your connected PC or Mac’s bandwidth. When this news was spread in 2014, it caused great uproar but of course since it is free, reliable, and has apps on all platforms, millions of people use it for getting around geographic content locks.

If you can pay, I would strongly recommend you do that. If you can pay for Netflix, you sure as hell can dish out a few bucks every month for a solid, paid VPN that respects you as a customer.

Free VPNs have to make money somehow, and often they have no choice but to resort to user-hostile practices like selling their bandwidth (Hola), and injecting ads into their surfing (Hotspot Shield). Betternet is still relatively user-friendly, so I would again recommend that as a free Netflix VPN to skip the “unavailable to stream” / “not available for playback in your region” messages.