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The Best Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Windows 10

In our bid to suggest users the best available apps for Windows 10, here’s our latest coverage of the best free YouTube video downloader apps for Windows 10 which are sure to get your taste buds in motion!

YouTube. The name is enough. The biggest video hosting website in the world, YouTube’s journey has been nothing short of magnificent and inspiring. They say, an idea is the most important thing when it comes to inventing a thing. The website was a unique idea at its time and has now gone onto become the billion dollar behemoth it is now. The website has reached unimaginable and spectacular heights that not even its creators could have thought of.

YouTube was created around 11 years ago by a group of ex-PayPal employees. Headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States of America, the idea of the website was to create a video hosting platform where anyone with Internet access could upload videos of any kind (albeit subject to terms and conditions). Users only needed to sign up for YouTube and simply upload videos to it.

This created a cyclone of videos which included music, sports, documentaries, tutorials etc. to start streaming into the website as people all around the world saw the website as a platform to showcase their video editing skills or simply gain popularity through uploading other videos of daily use for the masses. The website gradually increased in stature and after an ultra successful year was bought by Google for a whopping 1.65 billion dollars!

YouTube is one of the most extensively used websites on the Internet today. Millions of people descend on the website to fulfill their video appetite everyday. Apart from watching videos on it, listening to music has gained immense popularity on it as well. This is due to the fact that official videos and videos with lyrics are quickly made available on YouTube after they’re originally released. Thousands of playlists and tracks are simply waiting there for users to get their hands on. YouTube simply has all kinds of videos you’d ever want.

The advent of YouTube and other video hosting websites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Veoh etc. also brought the need for users to be able to download videos and other content from it. Third party developers swung into motion to cater for this demand and out came a stream of downloaders that swarmed the Internet. Most of these downloaders were pretty average when it came to even the simplest of features as well as performance. This made our job of finding the most responsible of free YouTube video downloaders all the more difficult.

Downloading videos from YouTube used to be a problem before but not now as the following best free YouTube video downloader apps are sure to make things much easier for you. Moving on to the apps!

JDownloader 2: The best free YouTube video downloader app for Windows 10

Nowadays, the Internet is filled with numerous YouTube downloaders. Some are awfully woeful when it comes to their performance while some are surprisingly powerful packed with some powerful tools that make downloading much easier. JDownloader 2 is one of them. Still in its Beta testing phase, JDownloader 2’s capabilities are second to none when it comes to YouTube downloaders available on the Internet leading us to consider it as our premium recommendation.

Starting off, as always, with its UI. The UI is good enough. It is a balanced mixture of a typical Windows 10 and Windows 7 program with good looking colored buttons coming from the former and the overall look coming from the latter as shown in the image below.

UI of JDownloader 2, our first app in The Best Free YouTube Video & Music Downloader Apps For Windows 10


  • The app has an extremely simple and easy to use downloader. It works on the simple principle of copy-pasting. You simply have to open the downloader, copy the link from YouTube and then paste it onto the downloader. The downloader will verify the link, check to see if its downloadable and then put it on a plate for you to enjoy. Now this is the proper definition of something being as easy as pie!
  • The UI provides detailed statistics about the link whose download is in progress.
  • We may be covering this app under the title of the best free YouTube video and music downloader apps for Windows 10 but this is sure to make you jump up in excitement. The app also provides equally powerful support for other emerging and well established video hosting websites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo etc.
  • Pause and play feature for you to manage which video you want to be downloaded on priority.
  • The clipboard observer is an intuitive feature which tracks any URL’s on your clipboard. It checks them for compatibility before downloading them. This feature has the ability to save your time because as soon as you copy a link from YouTube or any other video hosting website, the downloader automatically gets to work freeing you up of the trouble of heading back and having to paste the link in it. You can enable/disable this feature in the app.

That’s all about JDownloader 2. A magnificently powerful downloader with a package that contains intuitive as well as the more common features. The good news is that it is still in its Beta testing phase so more improvements to the app can hopefully¬†be expected. We’ll keep a look out on them and be sure to let us know if you find something we couldn’t.

Download JDownloader 2 for Windows 10 [JDownloader website]

Freemake Video Downloader: a close second

Freemake Video Downloader is one of the most efficient and easy to use download managers you’ll ever come across. The 15 megabyte sized downloader is a no-nonsense video downloader designed to download files from video hosting websites with ease. Not only is it a simple downloader, it also has the capability to convert videos from one format to another. Apart from this, it can also translate videos into MP3 files as well! Buy one, get three free!

Freemake Video Downloader’s UI is simple and typical of a no-nonsense app. The design of its UI is focused on doing its main job i.e. dowloading videos from YouTube without any other flashy content as shown in the image below.

UI of Freemake, our second installation in The Best Free YouTube Video & Music Downloader Apps For Windows 10


  • As mentioned earlier, the app is no-nonsense. So apart from what it is designed to do, it doesn’t really offers much. The downloader works in a similar way to JDownloader 2. You simply have to copy your desired URL, open Freemake Video Downloader and paste the link in it. The downloader will automatically begin installation and keep informing you of the download’s progress.
  • Just like JDownloader 2, it does not only support YouTube but also supports downloading from other well known video hosting websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh, DailyMotion etc.
  • Multiple URLs can be processed at the same time which means you can simultaneously download many vidoes at once.
  • Recent update has enabled support for Hulu as well.
  • Available in many languages such as Ukrainian, Russian, German and even Vietnamese!

So there goes Freemake Video Downloader. This app is sure to please users who prefer their programs to be bold, straightforward and to the point. The downloader is simple and extremely easy to use and is sure to please you whenever you’ll require it. Furthermore, it occasionally gets major updates that improve various aspects of the app. Interested? Here’s the download link.

Download Freemake Video Downloader For Windows 10 [Freemake website]


With Freemake Video Downloader, we come to the end of our brief list of best free YouTube video downloader apps for Windows 10. Due to the Internet being swarmed with such downloaders, narrowing them down and coming to these two took a lot out of me. You must have noticed that there isn’t a lot of difference between the two downloaders. Both offer a very similar set of features with very little to choose between them.

The reason we chose JDownloader 2 was not because it completely outclassed Freemake Video Downloader but only due to the reason that it offered a little bit more functionality and just edges out the UI of the latter downloader. Otherwise, both are worthy applications and are quite efficient in their main job i.e. downloading videos from video hosting websites.

We strongly recommend that you try both of these out and then select the one which suits you best. Both of them are sure to live up to your expectations. Do remember to let us know which one you chose in the comments below.