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See Today’s Date iOS 10 Notification Center With This Widget

iOS 10 developer preview has removed the today’s date widget in Notification Center. Download this alternative app to get it back!

iOS 10 is currently available as a “developer preview” for people who just enjoy living on the edge. Since it is basically “alpha” software, iOS 10 is riddled with bugs and half-baked features. One such missing feature is the lack of a today date widget in Notification Center.

Yes, over the past couple of years, I’ve come to rely on the permanent date widget in the Today section of the iOS notifications pull-down menu. It’s an excellent way to near-instantly know what day it is today. In iOS 10, this has been removed. At least, as of its first developer preview.

Uproar over missing Today date widget

The lack of a today widget received much attention over on reddit community r/apple where a related thread has received 1,200+ upvotes and 340+ comments expressing disappointment at this decision.

As of now, you either need to open the Calendar app to view the date or lock your phone to see it under the current time. Neither solution is as simple as opening the Notification Center to see the date from any part of iOS.

There are a couple of potential reasons why Apple could’ve done it:

  1. The Today date widget takes too much space. Removing it allows more space for more useful notifications.
  2. Something broke when Apple tried adding the Today widget in the new notification experience in iOS 10.

We feel it is likely because of #2. iOS 10 is several months away from a public release, so it has its fair share of bugs and broken items. Apple will fix them over time and add them back.

In case it is reason #1, we expect Apple will listen to community feedback and add it back soon enough. It’s such an important, basic feature that it doesn’t make sense to remove it without providing an alternative.

Just Show Me Today’s Date: Today date widget app for iOS 10

Meanwhile developer and reddit user u/drewBOTv2 has released a dedicated widget that does nothing but show the complete date for today i.e. Monday, July 4, 2016. Here’s how it looks like on iOS 10:

today date widget ios 10 notification center

Simple and straightforward.

Unfortunately, installing it isn’t as simple. Chances are if you’re using iOS 10 right now, you’re a seasoned software developer who knows their way around development environments and compilers. That’s why Just Show Me Today’s Date is available as an open source project which you need to compile yourself using Xcode. It would’ve been nice if it were available on the App Store, but again that might not be required in a few months.

Download Today Date Widget for iOS 10 [GitHub]