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Turn On Dark Mode For Apple TV In tvOS 10

Apple announced a new dark mode for the Apple TV at WWDC 2016. In this guide, we’ll show you to turn it on and off.

Dark Mode Apple TV announced by Eddy Cue

Eddy, SVP Internet Software and Services at Apple, announcing Dark Mode for Apple TV at WWDC 2016

The Apple TV’s bright, flashy interface is simply delightful to use. However, if you tend to keep the lights down while using the Apple TV, or use it in a home theater setup, you are bound to dislike it.

Dark mode for the Apple TV is one of the most requested features, and Apple has finally delivered it.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that tvOS 10 – coming later this year – will come with an optional dark mode that allows you to use the Apple TV at night or in low light environments without your squinting your eyes from the brightness.

Its implementation is somewhat simple, as Apple has simply replaced the bright white background prevalent throughout the interface with a dark grey one. You can clearly see it in the screenshot above.

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As of typing, Dark mode in Apple TV is only available in the Developer Preview release of tvOS 10. Apple will be publicly launching tvOS 10 in Fall 2016 (around September-October), so until then you won’t find such an option on your box.

Apple TV settings icon

Fret not, however, the steps to turn on Dark mode are the same. Launch the Settings app. Head into General. You’ll see a Dark mode option near the top. Switch the toggle to turn it on, and immediately enjoy the low contrast, easier on the eyes interface.

And that’s it. You’ve successfully enabled night mode for your Apple TV. Hopefully, Apple will be bringing a similar feature to iOS and macOS. I find the interface blinding at night!