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Use Dark Grey Theme In Office 2016 For Easier Work At Night

We have consistently catered our readers on how to bring out the dark themes of various apps, today we will show you how to bring it out for your Office 2016 apps.

We have discussed on previous occasions about the benefits of using a darker theme, especially for night-time use – dark mode in Outlook 2016, Windows 10’s official dark mode, etc. Let’s now discuss how you can enjoy a low-contrast, dark theme in Office 2016.

This guide has been tested and proven to be working in Microsoft Office 2016 only. We’re not sure if the semi-hidden grey mode is available for older versions of Office such 2013, and 2010.

Enabling Dark Grey Theme In Office 2016

Quick summary: to turn on the dark grey theme in Office 2016, go to File > Account > Office Theme and select Dark Grey from the options menu. You can follow the step-by-step guide below if you’re having trouble finding it.


Open any of your Microsoft Office app of choice. I chose to use Microsoft Word and open a blank document. When you can see the toolbar, navigate to File in the top left of the application:

How to navigate to File in Microsoft Office


A new menu will open and will show you a bunch of options on the far left of the screen. From here, you will select “Account

Opening your account settings.


When in account, you will see the option of Office Theme as a drop down box. From here simply click and choose the one which you want to apply as your permanent theme of choice!

Choosing your theme for Office

With that done, you should now see the difference almost immediately! This is great for when you have to work late into the wee hours of the night.

There is however a far easier solution to all this if you wish to make ALL your Office Applications have the dark theme. Simply follow our guide on how to apply the dark theme on Microsoft Outlook 2016 and it will automatically apply all your office applications to the dark theme without any need of you doing it for all the office applications one at a time.

As someone who uses the dark mode in Windows 10 a lot, I really do prefer it over the light theme by a big margin. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!