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Use Numeric Keypad As Mouse In Windows 10

If your touch pad or mouse has stopped working, no need to panic as Windows 10 allows you to use numeric keypad as mouse.

Use Numeric Keypad As Mouse In Windows 10

That’s the Magic Mouse. Learn how to set it up in Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a load of built-in features that make the OS very easy to use for users. The inclusion of these features has received worldwide praise as they make life much easier for people. Some of these features also helps users with physical disabilities to experience Windows 10 to its fullest.

The first in this list is the outstanding Cortana. Cortana is the voice assistant that can do many things for us such as run different programs etc. You just need to talk to it and it almost fulfills everything that a keyboard or mouse can do. This is very handy for people who have trouble using the keyboard. For more on what Cortana can do, check out our Cortana posts!

The second is the Tablet mode. The tablet mode is the first of its kind in Windows. It was included to complement the touch compatible UI of Windows 10 and also to supplement the famous Everything at once slogan that Microsoft has been using frequently since Windows 8 came to town. When using Windows 10 on a touch supportive device, this is a very nice thing to have at your service.

The third is the on screen touch keyboard. Just like the aforementioned tablet mode, the on screen touch keyboard is another one of those features that Microsoft decided to include in Windows 10 as part of an OS that is very effective and superb to use on touch enabled devices. If your keyboard isn’t working due to some reason or you’re using Windows 10 on a touch enabled device, the touch keyboard is a handsome thing to have hovering around on your screen.

Another one of these list of accessible features is the ability to use numeric keypad as mouse in Windows 10. If you forget your mouse or touch pad has malfunctioned due to some reason, this handy feature will be there to bail you out. You can enable it through the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open Settings app.

Step 2: Click on Ease of Access.

Step 3: Click on mouse in the left side menu.

Step 4: Under mouse keys, turn on the two options shown in the image below.

Steps To Use Numeric Keypad As Mouse In Windows 10

Step 5: Press Ctrl+any direction key on your numeric keypad where you wish to move your cursor to scroll it faster or you can simply press the direction keys on your numeric keypad to scroll it in a slower speed.

This is all! Be sure to try them out.