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How To Use Windows Ink With A Mouse – No Pen Needed!

Windows Ink was shown off as a surprise feature to Windows 10’s Anniversary Update a few months ago. Now, if you are curious if you can use it with just a mouse, you’d be surprised to know it does! No stylus required.


The Apps

Windows Ink Workspace is easily an underrated feature of the Anniversary Update. It allows you to carry out features present in the cropping tool with greater control of what is on your screen and it is relatively easy to use! It is your go-to solution for anything you need to do regarding productivity or just plain killing time.

Screen Sketch acts like a full-screen version of the cropping tool, but with better options in the toolbar and customization options with the tools at your disposal in terms of colors and the size of the tip!

Screen sketch in action.

Sketchpad is your go-to solution for MS Paint. Whether you want to color in the unfinished drawing offered to you at the start of the program, or clear it up to make it your personal free-hand writing space is completely up to you!

Sketch pad in use.

Lastly, sticky notes have gotten a minor revamp in the latest build by changing their look. You still don’t have much options for customization when it comes down to it. For that, might we recommend using ‘Notes’?

Sticky Notes just getting a face lift.

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How to use them

There are two convenient ways for you to access the Windows Ink Workspace, and even add it directly to your taskbar to available from just one click!

The first way is pressing Windows Key + W will bring up the menu from the right side, allowing you quick access to it and the tools that it offers.

If you wish to add an easier way to access the Windows Ink workspace without the need of a keyboard, you can add it to your taskbar by doing the following:

Right-click on any empty region of your taskbar and navigate up to “Show Windows Ink Workspace button” and check it. You will see a new button added to your taskbar instantly!

Enabling windows ink for the taskbar.

Windows Ink is still useful to those people who frequent the cropping tool for whatever reason and the additional offering of allowing users to have an instantaneous version of paint to quickly draw something is also a very handy tool for someone to make use of!

While many people brushed off or otherwise dismissed Windows Ink because of the impression of a pen being a necessity to enable it, I highly recommend people to give it a shot as it is something you will easily grow to like with the passage of time!

While Microsoft could have done so much better with improving Sticky Notes to make them as productive as the other two tools, we can hope that Microsoft considers adding something to them in the future that will make this feat possible.

What are your thoughts on Windows Ink? Let us know in the comments section about your interactions with the new addition to the anniversary update!

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