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Use Your Own SRT Subtitles On Netflix With This Chrome Extension

Netflix offers some great variety of subtitles for the TV shows and movies that you watch. However, if you think you have better SRT subtitles, then find out how to use them in Netflix for Chrome!

Ever since the launch of Netflix, the built-in subtitle feature for the programs continues to amaze me. There are however people who are discontent with the subtitle feature and prefer using custom SRT subtitles for their shows.

If you are among the crowd, then “My Subs for Netflix” [Chrome Webstore] is just the extension that you are looking for!

Albeit, the only real downside is the exclusivity to Google Chrome which doesn’t offer the best Netflix streaming experience. However, if you are finicky about having your own set of subtitles where applicable, then this is just the extension to sate your appetite.

While Netflix has you covered for when it comes to any content that isn’t necessarily in English and otherwise doesn’t have subtitles on the language of your choosing, you can grab subtitles from various websites on Google for free and watch them with ease!

The only time where I have found this extension to be of use to me was when trying to watch Indian movies.

Selecting Subtitles in Netflix

Loading Custom SRT Subtitles in Netflix

Having downloaded a set of Subtitles, I opened up Netflix on Chrome, loaded up the movie. Over here, I chose the option of custom subtitle as you can see below and loaded up the custom SRT Subtitles file I downloaded from the internet.

The Custom Subtitle File loaded and running.  Custom Subtitles Running in the Movie.

As you can see, the custom subtitles are loaded up and running right along the movie.

Unfortunately every other media I tried to run custom subtitles with didn’t give me the option to do so, this was in the case of Anime (Japanese dubbing, English Sub), documentaries and other English media on my account.

There is definitely a significant audience for this kind of an extension, but only if you are a foreigner with a Netflix account that is otherwise only offering regional language content which you might not be familiar with.

Whatever the need may be, we would love to hear back from our readers if you found this extension to be of use to you!