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View Path In Title Bar In Windows 10 File Explorer

Windows 10 is a significant upgrade on Windows 7. Many features have been kept while some have been shown the door. One such features is to be able to view path in title bar.

Of all the Windows prior to Windows 8, Windows 7 was the most impressive one. It was definitely a step in the right direction because of it containing many small features which made a large impact on users. It included Aero Glass, an informative battery indicator etc. which were very appealing to users as via a simple click, users had complete control of many things at once.

Come Windows 8 and 10, many of these features have either been upgraded or have been eliminated. Both of the aforementioned features have been dismissed in Windows 8/8.1/10 much to the dismay of users particularly as their substitutes have not been good enough e.g. Aero Glass has been replaced by the not so attractive grey colored title bar (whose size you can change) and the battery indicator is no longer a one-click wonder.

These are just some of the many features developers decided to replace with newer editions which mostly did not fare good results. The reason was that, though their UI improved significantly, their usage became cumbersome. This overall adds to users around the world having divided opinions about the new OS.

Another one of such features, who have been dispatched in Windows 10, is the ability to view path in title bar. It is a very handy feature previously adopted by Windows 7 as a means of further enhancing accessibility for users. If you were a fan yourself, here’s the process to view path in title bar.

First, open file explorer.

Click on View, then click on Options.

From the drop down, click on Change folder and search options.

From the resulting window, click on the view tab.

From the list of options under Advanced Settings, check the box that says Display the full path in title bar as shown in the image below.

View Path In Title Bar In Windows 10 File Explorer

When done, click on Apply and then close settings.

Be sure to check out some other interesting and hidden features that we’ve also covered here at Windows Clan. Till then, it’s Adios.