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What’s New In Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14271 [Changelog]

Windows 10 Insider Preview has a new build! Numbered 14271, it includes numerous bugfixes and performance improvements. We will discuss the changes after the bump.

Insider Preview Build 14271 comes to the Fast ring just six days after the release of Build 14267. This is a bit of a surprise for us, since Microsoft usually takes at least double that time for each successive Insider Preview Build.

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The last build brought several new features in Cortana, and Edge. You can now have Cortana identify music faster through a dedicated music recognition button. You can also set Edge to ask for download location each time you download a file, clear browsing data on exit, and view icons only in the favorites bar.

Build 14271 doesn’t have any new features in it, but it does include many bugfixes and general improvements. Here’s the paraphrased changelog:

  • Taskbar previews for apps like Groove are sharper
  • Window borders would reset to black after each upgrade. They now maintain their set color.
  • The taskbar would occasionally not auto-hide properly, showing up on top of full-screen programs. This has been fixed.
  • Nice little UX improvement: the complete app notification is now right-clickable in Action Center instead of only app name, or the ‘X’ dismiss button.
  • Frequency of feedback requests in Windows 10 Insider Preview builds is now fixed at “Automatically”. You can obviously still dismiss the request, but it will keep popping up from time to time. This is to ensure Microsoft gets regular feedback from Insiders.

There are other minor fixes, too, which you can read about from the official Windows blogpost below.

Major known issues in 14271 include resumption from hibernation causing blue screens, an unclear incompatibility issue with Kaspersky’s suite of anti-malware apps, and Microsoft Edge not showing D3.js-based charts on sites like

Microsoft has also released Insider Preview Mobile Build 14267.1004 along with Insider Preview Build 14271 for Windows 10. This is the first time they’ve ever concurrently released Insider builds to both desktop and mobile.

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