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WhosDown: Separate Desktop WhatsApp App For Windows 10 With Notifications

WhatsApp Web has been live for sometime now on a number of platforms, but a dedicated, separate desktop app is still lacking. Is WhosDown the solution you have been waiting for?

The Windows Store is slowly gathering a great amount of quality apps – like the excellent Netflix app – which are picking up traction and actually encouraging people to proactively seek newer apps. This new chat app for WhatsApp should definitely be part of that app collection.

WhatsApp Web is currently supported by almost every major OS and integrated in all the main browsers. It continues to be that one tab running in the backgrounds of our web browsers, that facilitates our need for communication.

You can download WhosDown for free [Windows Store]. Once you download and install the app, you have to go through the same process of scanning a QR code to establish the connection between your smartphone and the app.

Setting up WhosDown.

Once you scan the QR Code, you are shown a familiar interface and options that are identical to what you were already offered in WhatsApp Web. When you scan the QR Code, you will see Microsoft Edge added as a browser, meaning it has been a successful sync.

WhosDown synced.

The only downsides to this app that I came across were how the app handled notifications. It showed a generic notification message above the taskbar and the action bar. I like knowing who is messaging me so that I can reply accordingly.

How notifications appear.

WhosDown notifications in the action center.

Additionally, you have to add WhosDown to your taskbar to continue receiving notifications, meaning you can’t receive messages if the app is turned off since it doesn’t minimize to the system tray. This is while WhatsApp Web can be easily pinned  to a tab and take minimal space in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and continue sending you notifications.

I have to admit that the one feature that really caught my eye was the ability to drag and drop attachments such as videos / pictures to share, a feature that was recently removed in the latest builds of Chrome x64.

There are several areas where this app can improve, but all things considered, this is a great first effort app from the developer! This is still a great dedicated app to run on your desktop if you don’t feel like having an entire browser open for chatting with friends. For me, it is nice to separate WhatsApp Web as a desktop app from other browsers.

While WhatsApp power users will still likely prefer the browser interface of WhatsApp web, this is still an app to keep in handy for the times when you might have issues with your browser or want to reach someone on WhatsApp without reaching for your cellphone or otherwise loading up your browser.

What are your thoughts on WhosDown? Let us know in the comments section!