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Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3135173 Brings Windows 10 Desktop to 10586.104

Microsoft just rolled out cumulative update KB3135173 which brings about a lot of needed changes to the OS and bumps up the version along the way.

A new cumulative update released just hours ago will definitely bring a smile to your face since this is the first of hopefully many updates to carry a comprehensive changelog.

Microsoft has recently taken to releasing cumulative updates in great succession. It was only 2 weeks ago that we saw the release of cumulative update KB3124262, which bumped Windows 10 to 10586.71.

Cumulative Update KB3135173 downloading

We now see that Cumulative Update KB3135173, is readily available to people who have Windows 10, and should be live globally right now.

If you are curious on what are the current changes that are with this update, then see the chang log below and you can further visit the newly added Windows 10 Update History page made by Microsoft [Windows 10 Update History].

The following changes will take place on your system, as well as bring it up to Build 10586.104:

  • Microsoft Edge no longer caches visited websites while using InPrivate browsing.
  • Bug fix for simultaneous app installation from Windows Store and updates from Windows Update.
  • Fixed security issues in Edge and Internet Explorer
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes, UX improvements and performance updates

These are only a few of the notable changes that are being addressed in Cumulative Update KB3135173. It is highly recommended you install this update in order to take advantage of the many security fixes that are included.

Keep in mind that if you face issues after installing the update, such as your default apps reverting to their original state, we have covered how to undo it so that you don’t have to go through that ordeal again.

As each cumulative update draws closer, we can only hope for the final Redstone build to be soon upon us, if you have installed the latest update, let us know in the comments section if you are facing any issues or problems with the build!