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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11082 Announced

If you were waiting to get your hands on Windows 10 Insider Preview build 11082, your time has finally come.

Windows Insider Preview build 11082 has made its way to the surface. After much work put in by the developers themselves through the cumulative updates such as kb3116908, Microsoft decided that now was the time they needed valuable feedback from their Fast ring Insiders. Insider Preview build 11082 is one of the best means of achieving that so out came it rolling.

The Windows Insider Program was a means of getting the more registered, privileged, loyal and die hard Windows fans a chance to get their hands on the soon to be releasing Windows builds. It was announced in early September 2014 along with the official revelation of Windows 10.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11082

The Insider Program targets audience that takes pleasure in Beta testing. Microsoft states that revealing the Windows build to this targeted audience enables them to further improve their final release through the acquisition of valuable feedback these Insiders tend to send them. This not only makes users feel more close to Microsoft but also, many possible bugs and small argy bargies are taken care of before the final OS is made available to the masses.

The recent release of Windows Insider Preview build 11082 is just another giant step taken in lieu of this Insider Program. The primary aim of this release is to gather further feedback from Fast ring Insiders so that some refinements can be made to Windows 10. Microsoft has recently started to aggressively push users into upgrading to Windows 10 by offering them 2 choices only. This step will make sure that each and every user upgrades to the new OS.

In anticipation of the huge impending turnover Windows 10 will shortly receive due to this step, Microsoft intends to make Windows 10 as best as it can. This is done so that those users who have felt bewildered by this forced upgrade, might find the new OS an exciting prospect.

Insider Preview build 11082 will ensure Microsoft receives some valuable feedback about how their latest OS is doing. In addition to that, Insider Preview build 11082 might lead to faster Fast ring builds in the future plus known issues for the builds will be published in the Insider Hub rather than in the companion blog post. All this will ensure that users get to see the best version of Windows 10 as soon as possible.

(via Windows Blog)