Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11099 Now Available

Microsoft has released the first Insider Preview build of 2016 – Build 11099 is one of the first Redstone builds of the year and is definitely getting us closer to the proper Redstone builds.

Microsoft Insider Preview builds are a great way for developers to familiarize themselves with Windows 10, allowing them to create a variety of apps and content suited for their targeted audiences before massive adoption.

While there are no significant changes in this build that are noteworthy, developers who don’t wish to change their current build should opt out of the fast lane and opt into the slow ring program instead.

A look at Insider Preview Build 11099

If you wish to change lanes in your current developer subscription, you simply need to do the following:

Open up the Settings page, navigate to  Update & Security, go to Windows Update and find Advanced options. Once you find this option, look for “Get Insider Preview builds” and move the slider to the level of your choosing (Slow ring to fast ring and vice versa).

Here is the complete changelog in 11099 Redstone R1:

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge is now version 27.11099
  • Added support for grabbing values for the cursor property
  • Ability to enable the unloading of unpacked extensions through about:flags

Other Changes

  • Adjustments to OneCore
  • Fixed the progress dialogue not appearing in copy / paste actions

According to the official blog post from Microsoft, the new build has more fixes than it has changes, so if you were previously hindered by issues in build 11082. it is highly recommended you migrate over to Insider Preview Build 11099 for better convenience. If you are particularly a victim of the horrendous bug existing in 11082 where users were unable to see progress dialog in the copying / deleting of files when used in file explorer.

Other than that, Insider Preview Build 11099 is not really a eye catching update and we can only hope that in the coming weeks we get closer to the actual Redstone builds of Windows 10 to get a sneak peek of things to come in the OS.

While a new build is always appreciated, I am sure that consumers and developers alike are anxiously awaiting the proper Redstone update that will improve a number of areas in Windows 10 for them. With Microsoft Edge extensions, Continuum, Improvement to the user experience and many other essential changes that are definitely going to reinvigorate the experience for a number of users in Windows 10.

Are you an insider? Let us know your thoughts on Insider Preview Build 11099 and if you’re excited about Redstone.