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Windows 10 Mobile 10586.29 Preview Available Now

Microsoft has recently rolled out the 10586.29 update for their mobile phone OS but what new does it bring to the table?

The Windows phone OS is the newest of all smartphone OSes. Since its inception, just a few years from now in 2011, Windows Phone OS has undergone a remarkable change of fortunes. From being one of the minnows of the technology world, Window Phone OS is hitting commendable heights.

The most incredible feature of the Windows Phone OS is its UI. Splendid, stunning, well crafted and executed to perfection are some of the superlatives that can be used to describe it. The tiles are one of it’s hallmarks and truly, is unique till today. While the UI of Android and iOS house significant similarities, the same cannot be said for Windows Phone’s UI. Windows 10 Mobile 10586.29 Preview Available Now

While Lumia production has shifted hands from Nokia to Microsoft, the OS is the same. Since Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has continually updated their phone OS as well. The live tiles were omnipresent in Windows Phone OS and they were finally adopted onto the desktop version of Windows starting from Windows 8. Then moving on to Windows 10, the Windows Phone OS has seen some good upgrades as well.

Microsoft announced the first cumulative update to Windows 10 Phone OS just a couple of days ago since its internationally famed launch just shy of a month ago. This cumulative update (not preview build) is referred to as update 10586.29 as this number refers to the version of the latest OS.

Unlike the cumulative updates such as KB3116908, to the desktop version of Windows 10, this cumulative 10586.29 update brings much more to the table as chief at Windows insider Gabriel Aul points out the following things addressed by it:

  1. It Improves Microsoft Edge’s performance.
  2. Some telecommunication bugs for dual-sim users.
  3. Better user experience with maps.
  4. Backward capability of some Windows 8.1 applications has been enabled.

For die hard Lumia fans, Microsoft is also just about to induct some new Lumia models come next week. If the cumulative update 10586.29 didn’t make you happy, this surely would have. A new Lumia and update to the latest OS together? Sounds like a perfect day.