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Windows Hello Will Rescan Your Face If You Use The Jedi Mind Trick

We here at Windows Clan are die-hard Star Wars fans, but we would never have figured that Microsoft would sneak in a clever easter egg in their modern day OS.

Star Wars recently made a memorable comeback with Episode 7, continuing the legacy of a series that set the foundation for modern day cinema. Who would have figured that one of the classic moves of a Jedi Knight can help you bypass Microsoft Hello?

Microsoft hasn’t hidden a clever Star Wars related easter ever since Windows XP but has been a subtle addition to every OS since then.

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If you are unfamiliar with the Jedi Mind Trick, it is one of the series most revered moves of a Jedi knight, prominently used by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode 4,


Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode 1,


and recently by Rey in Star Wars Episode 7, even though she technically did it without her hands.

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Microsoft Hello is a new way for people to log-in to Windows 10 by just registering their face to the system, ala fingerprint on modern Apple and Android Smartphones. Hello is only compatible with certain lines of products and is an innate feature in the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your workspace has locked you out of the system after repeated failed log-in attempts with Microsoft Hello. Ordinarily, this is bypassed moving your head away from the camera’s view and appearing back in.

Microsoft Developer Network, however, wants you to bring out your inner geek by allowing you to use the Jedi Mind trick on a machine, just like Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon before you!

How do you do it?

To do this, simply wave your hand in front of the camera, mimicking the Jedi Mind Trick and interrupt the view of your face. This will make the camera recognize your face and will let you in the system.

The following has been confirmed by Raymond Chen [MSDN] so you needn’t worry about the authenticity of this.

While this is a neat trick, and definitely a geek’s dream come true, this really makes the exclusivity of Microsoft Hello something of better value to those with systems that support it.

If you are on Windows Hello, you can almost be counting on it to work, but to ensure the best results, it is highly recommended you either try it on the latest Insider Preview Build, or the latest cumulative updates if you are on Build 10586.

If you have been able to successfully replicate the Jedi Mind trick and bypass Windows Hello to log in to your system, let us know how long it took you and if the results were accurate and if not, how many attempts! Lastly, let us know which technique, worked best for you, the way of Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and if you manage to pull off the

Lastly, let us know which technique, worked best for you, the way of Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and if you manage to pull off Rey’s technique, we highly recommend you seek refuge in a galaxy far far away to escape the wrath of Kylo Ren ;). May the force be with you!