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Windows Spotlight now shows wallpaper location

Windows Spotlight now shows you the location of the wallpaper image from your lock screen. Find out how to make use of this feature to discover the world from the comfort of your laptop.

spotlights in movie studio

Windows Spotlight is a key feature of Windows 10. It allows users to see beautiful captures from various beautiful landscapes from all parts of the world on their lock screen. New captures are put up every day! And so, Windows Spotlight is a beautiful way for you to start your day.

Prior to the Anniversary Update, one would have to employ a series of investigation techniques to determine the origin of an image. This has changed with a neat feature that is quietly tucked away in the latest update.

How to see the origin of an image in Windows Spotlight.

As you can see in the screenshot, there is a new option at the top right of the lock screen in the shape of a camera. Hovering your mouse over this will show you the place where the photo was taken, allowing you to better plan a potential vacation.

The Windows Spotlight images are on a daily cycle and based on how you interact with it, you will be shown images suited to your liking. You can do this by going to the top right of the same place and giving your feedback to Microsoft.

If you are a fan of Windows Spotlight images and want to preserve the images for your own collection, we have covered a guide on how to download Spotlight images using a simple Windows Store app.

Windows Spotlight is without a doubt catered to scratch the itch that one gets from having a frequent change of images to look at on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is limited to the lock screen at the moment, but we can hope for Microsoft to allow for it to be integrated into Windows 10 desktop.

What are your thoughts on Windows 10 Spotlight and the new feature which allows you to finally put the figurative “name to the face” of a breath-taking image that makes the start of your day all the more memorable?

Let us know in the comments section and whether you like the new feature!

  • Janet

    I hate this and just want to put up a picture I like and leave it there. I will change it if and when I want a change!

  • ???

    We wanna purchase better quality images, so why are there no photo credits available? We also wanna know who the photographer is and what stock photo company the guys from Microsoft got all these stock photos from because WE would rather buy them. You and the web site administrator of must ask the people from Microsoft and Bing where they licensed and bought all these images from in order to add some photo credits. Remember: Bing is part of Microsoft.