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You Can Now Search For Images With Cortana In Edge

You can now search for images with Cortana in Edge, a feature that is easily most wanted by many people! 

If you are an avid user of Google Chrome, you surely are no stranger to the context menu that allows you to “Search Google for image”. A mirror feature has silently made its way into Microsoft Edge too, but is further elaborated on with the help of everyone’s favorite virtual assistant, Cortana!

How do you take advantage of this amazing feature you might ask? Much like Google Chrome, simply run Edge right click any image, when prompted to “Ask Cortana” will load image results for you.

This is just another instance of how Cortana never ceases to amaze us, with her many hidden talents. Her integration into the desktop is of great use as is, but this further integration is what truly makes her an exceptional companion to the OS.

How to search for images with cortana


The search results.

Ask Cortana isn’t just limited to searching for images, you can also use it to search for phrases, difficult words, locations, etc, by just highlighting the needed piece of text and click on Ask Cortana.

It should be noted that to take advantage of this feature, your PC must have the latest major update (November 10th) installed and running on the OS, else you will not see the prompt of Ask Cortana in the context menu when you right click on the image from within the browser. You will still be getting it for texts, numbers, etc, but will be absent in images.

With the ability to search for images with Cortana, This could of course be the start of many things to come. Considering how extensions for Microsoft Edge have already (assuming) entered into the testing phases for developers.

While Microsoft has indeed seized a magnanimous market share on their OS, the browser is still one of the least used software on the OS, with even Microsoft’s legacy browser, Internet Explorer, still being a contender against the other major internet web browsers out in the wild.

With time, Microsoft Edge can definitely shape up to be a viable contender against the major web browsers, but for now, lets enjoy the features come to us bit-by-bit.

What other features do you hope to see in Microsoft Edge in the future updates? Let us know in the comments section below.