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You Can Now Use WhatsApp Web In Microsoft Edge

With a small team, WhatsApp takes its sweet time to bring features to, and support all the different platforms they’re on. It’s taken almost a year, but we’ve finally got WhatsApp Web for Edge.

Microsoft Edge is by no means a browser to be associated with Internet Explorer – it is leaps and bounds ahead of the now derelict piece of software. There are, however, a lack of some basic features that stop the modern Internet user from adopting it as their primary browser.

Among these lists of features was support for extensions and support for apps like WhatsApp Web. Now that WhatsApp for Edge is now live, there is one more reason for users to adopt it as a browser.

Even though a few days earlier we saw an unofficial version of the app make its way to the Windows Store, having proper support for Microsoft Edge is definitely the bigger plus point for Windows 10 users.

WhatsApp Web For Edge officially working.

Prior to today’s addition of using WhatsApp Web, users would have to use the developer tools option in Microsoft Edge to emulate a supported browser and making the site work, but it is now officially implemented as of a server side tweak that was released in the wee hours of the night.

Proof of concept!

As you can see, there is no element of smokes and mirrors in play here. WhatsApp Web for Edge now has proper first party support, and is ready to be used with any of your capable devices.

How To Use WhatsApp Web For Edge

The process of connecting your device to WhatsApp Web is pretty standard now, depending on your device, you have to locate “WhatsApp Web” on your device, scan the QR code on the homepage and voila! Your chats are mirrored onto the browser for better convenience!

However, WhatsApp Web is just one of the many reasons people would want to use the browser. Microsoft Edge still lacks  support for a great number of features which are long present in browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Yes, we are talking about extensions for the browser, which are definitely considered an essential for the modern day internet user. Albeit, Adblock Plus has long since confirmed that they are working on ad blocking extension for Microsoft Edge, there is still no proper release date mentioned and we can expect a huge overhaul for Edge in the upcoming Redstone update.

WhatsApp Web [Official Website]

If you are still unable to get WhatsApp Web to work on your version of Microsoft Edge, make sure you are on Windows 10 10586.71. You can use our guide to check your current version of Windows 10 in 2 simple steps!